Keeping a band together for several decades has proven to be a very challenging feat, especially in the rock and metal world. Korn formed in 1993, and though they experienced their share of tumultuous times, their longevity shows it is not entirely impossible. Guitarist Brian "Head" Welch even admits that he didn't think they "would be around this long" in an interview with Raw Music TV.

"It’s crazy I never thought that we would be around this long and everyone is so excited about the new record, management, the label, the band," Welch explains. He points out Jonathan Davis's "new energy," and that despite the side projects the members have going on outside of Korn, they still find it exciting to come together. "We all have this energy during the show, of course, the people connecting with Jonathan's pain, I think all of those factors helped mixed the unique writing we’ve done and Jonathan's voice has connected with people, I think those are the key ingredients."

Welch's documentary Loud Krazy Love premiered on Showtime a few months ago. The film follows the story of his departure from Korn, his relationship with religion and his bond with his daughter, Jennea. It is set for digital and DVD release June 18. See the trailer below.

Korn are preparing for the release of their new album, which is anticipated to be out sometime later this year. Until then, you can catch them on tour with Alice in Chains, Underoath and Fever 333. See the dates here.

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