Korn's former guitarist, Brian 'Head' Welch, is spending more and more time with his one-time bandmates. After saying yes to joining the band for shows overseas, it was announced earlier this week that Welch would be playing with Korn at the upcoming Rock on the Range festival in Columbus, Ohio.

Welch, who also just released an album with his other band Love and Death, is looking forward to balancing both of his musical loves. He tells ARTISTdirect, "This is going to be crazy for me in a great way."

Speaking about his reunion with Korn, he explains, "It's a bit surreal because I didn't expect it to happen. We have no hate for each other like some of these other bands that haven't talked in years. People grew. Everyone went to different places in life. I don't know. It was so long that I didn't see it happening, but then when it crept up on me last May during Carolina Rebellion, I saw the emotion. Nothing else mattered except reconciliation, brotherly love, and that family feel with the guys and the fans. People were in tears. I thought, 'This is a really good thing.'"

The guitarist adds, "When they hit me up about the shows this year, to me, it was time. This is the proper time. The reason I felt like it would never happen because it wasn't the proper time yet. As soon as the day hit when I felt it was right, it felt so good. I'm really excited about this year with them."

Welch will pull double duty over Rock on the Range weekend, as Love and Death are also part of the bill. "It's going to be great," he concludes. "I can't wait to hook up with my old friends and the old fans, and it's really cool Love and Death is opening."