Watching the career of Sheffield, England's Bring Me the Horizon progress has been exciting and rewarding. In their early days, they were a group of kids playing loud and abrasive deathcore, churning out the heaviest music they can come up with.

They matured and over time became experts at songwriting, able to weave together all different elements into their music, and making them a force to be reckoned with in the metalcore world. In the span of five albums in 10 years, Bring Me the Horizon have established themselves as a force in heavy music and outside of it, exploring more pop sensibilities on their most recent disc, That's the Spirit.

We looked back at the band's five albums, and ranked them from weakest to strongest. Hearing each disc front to back plays out like seeing someone grow up right before your eyes, as they get into more diverse influences and incorporate it in their own work.

See how we ranked Bring Me the Horizon's albums in the gallery above!

Watch Bring Me the Horizon Play 'Wikipedia Fact or Fiction?'

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