Are you ready to feel the love? Bring Me the Horizon are ready to provide it with their new song "Mother Tongue" from the upcoming Amo album. The poppy, piano driven, Chainsmokers-esque song just premiered on Zane Lowe's World Record show and singer Oli Sykes also sat down with the host to discuss the new track.

Sykes tells Lowe that the track comes from a more personal experience for him, inspired by meeting his wife who comes from Brazil. "It's probably the most gushing, out there, just straight up love song we've ever written," says Sykes. "This was one of the easier ones to write because it was positive. It's about when I first met my new wife and she's from Brazil, and she didn't speak so much English. She talked a lot better than my Portuguese, but from the very start, we had a really, really strong connection and it was just a crazy time. And this song's just talking about those experiences, which they just stick in my head. So, that was really one of the easier ones to write about." Take a listen to the track below.

He adds of the Amo disc, "The whole album's kind of explores loving and different aspects of that. Toxic relationships and the end of relationships, and really it's also about the positive side of love and obviously when you first fall in love, it's got to be the greatest feeling."

Sykes was asked about the start of Amo, and he reveals, "We didn't really know what we wanted, but we just knew we wanted to be different and we wanted to still be Bring Me The Horizon, but make people feel the things they felt with us in different ways and try to do it sonically different, and it took a while to find that sound and stuff 'cause I think for me, I love the fact that I can sing now and I can write these lyrics that have important messages and they can almost stick in people's heads so that they're easier to get across and stuff. So, for us, we still wanted those huge choruses and all that stuff, but I feel like we had so much experimentation in us that we've been dying to do for maybe the last five years or so."

Bring Me the Horizon's Amo album drops this Friday (Jan. 25). If you dig "Mother Tongue," you can pick it up here. You can also look for the band on the road at these stops.

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