Whether or not you’re a fan of Bring Me the Horizon, we can all universally agree that this is amazing. During Bring Me the Horizon’s performance at the 2016 NME Awards, vocalist Oli Sykes jumped onto and completely toppled Coldplay’s table.

Bring Me the Horizon was one of the spotlight acts of the NME Awards, which took place last night (Feb. 17) in London. BMTH took home the NME Innovation Award at the ceremony and hit the stage to perform “Happy Song.” Coldplay was in attendance, unknowing of what shenanigans were about to take place.

Bring Me the Horizon called out Coldplay in late 2015 after Coldplay revealed the cover for A Head Full of Dreams, which bares a strong resemblance to BMTH’s 2013 full-length, Sempiternal. Sykes took to Twitter shortly after, claiming Coldplay was “jackin” the band’s “steez” by using the ancient “flower of life” symbol. We can’t say for sure, but maybe the NME Awards was an act of sweet revenge.

Coldplay seemed fairly disinterested in Bring Me the Horizon’s performance, not even noticing Oli Sykes was coming up right behind them. Sykes used Coldplay frontman Chris Martin as a crutch to raise himself onto the band’s table, stomping onto its centerpiece and rocking back and forth until the table fell over. RIP Coldplay’s lavish assortment of booze.

Check out footage of Syke’s taking out Coldplay’s table above.

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