The Distillers provided one of 2018's welcome returns, hitting the concert stage and even releasing some new songs. Now, thanks to a New Years posting from singer Brody Dalle, we know that there will be a new full-length album from the reunited rockers as well.

Posting on Instagram, the stylish Brody showcased a photo of herself in a vintage '80s dress from Paris that she had discovered five years ago but had never worn. With a smile on her face while also celebrating her 40th birthday, she rattled off a collection of "hellos" for the new year and included one key piece of info for Distillers fans -- "HELLO making a Distillers record in April, oh yes das right." See the posting below.

The group reunited last year with their Coral Fang-era lineup, playing their first dates in 12 years. They also surprise released the songs "Man vs. Magnet" and "Blood in Gutters," which were met with positive reactions.

The Distillers will also be playing more shows in 2019, with appearances at the Reading and Leeds festivals in the U.K. and Sonic Temple in the U.S. already revealed.

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