Andy Granelli, drummer for the Distillers, has suffered a gruesome hand injury after being involved in a bike accident. The Distillers have been forced to cancel four of their upcoming U.S. shows.

The Distillers will still play Reading and Leeds, but the punk band’s gigs in the Northeast will not happen as scheduled. Frontwoman Brody Dalle shared the bloody photos of Granelli’s accident via Instagram, which are very NSFW and not for the faint of heart.

“Andy was in a really bad accident a few days ago that resulted in two very deep gashes, a broken middle finger and a concussion,” Dalle writes. “He was riding his bike down the street and a woman who was struggling with her toddler inside her car, kicked the car door open and in a split second attempt to avoid it, Andy was badly injured, his right hand taking most of the impact and requiring 40 stitches.”

“This kind of trauma takes time to heal and unfortunately we’ve had to cancel / postpone our upcoming August American tour before reading and Leeds in the U.K. The doctor believes Andy will be healed enough in about 3.5 weeks time and that’s why we are going forth with Reading and Leeds. Hope you can understand , it’s disappointing for us to have to cancel and postpone but Andy’s hand is crucial to what he does and what we do. Much love to you all.”

Once again, the pictures of Granelli’s hand are very graphic, so use caution when scrolling through photos four, five and six:

Among those wishing Granelli well on Instagram are Rage Against the Machine’s Brad Wilk, The Bronx’s Matt Caughthran and Frank Carter.

Assuming Granelli’s healing goes as planned, the Distillers will return to the stage in September to open for the Misfits.

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