It's a story as old as rock and roll! For years, bands have faced the occasional protest from religious groups fearing that some curse words and suggestive behavior will warp the minds of a younger generation. Earlier this week, a religious group dubbed the Holy Family took it upon themselves to try and thwart Buckcherry's May 20 performance at the Dixie Roadhouse in Cape Coral, Fla.

Buckcherry reportedly found a letter posted on their band bus door, while a duplicate letter was also posted on the venue of the Dixie Roadhouse requesting that the show be canceled due to the band's "totally disgusting" lyrics and "contrived ignorant babble and filth." The author of said note did state, "Although the band's music itself is very good, obviously the lyrics in some of the songs are totally disgusting. Not to mention, like yourselves, the band members are way too old not to know better."

The note's author also reiterated the group's love for Buckcherry's music, adding, "Other than the extremely questionable lyrics, the Holy Family very much enjoys Buckcherry's music and finds the group to be very talented. Hopefully in the future they will use the talent God bestowed upon them in not a shameful way, but to join us in saving the world."

The full letter can be seen below:


The venue reportedly also confirmed that a pair of bomb scares occurred, but despite the protests, the show went on as planned. According to, guitarist Keith Nelson stated, "We came here to entertain a large group of people that wanted to have a good time and that's exactly what we did." Frontman Josh Todd added, "Buckcherry has always been about having a good time and we express ourselves the way we want to because we are free. They don't like our lyrics and hide behind religion as an excuse to attack us as a group or treat other people poorly. Well they can just f--- right off."

Buckcherry will continue touring, and their current dates can be found here. In a move that's not likely to sit well with the Holy Family, the group is reportedly planning to release an EP titled 'F---' this spring.