Bullet for My Valentine recently revealed that they had started work on the follow-up to their Gravity album, and while significant progress seems to be happening, it still may be quite a while before we hear the album, according to singer Matt Tuck.

"We've already got eight new tracks," Tuck told Rock Sound, adding, "All indicators are pointing towards ferocious heaviness." The singer stated that after having done Gravity, it opened the door for them to go whatever direction they wanted with their next offering. "All signs are currently pointing towards a far more aggressive, gnarly, riff-based record," he concluded.

But when asked about a timeline for the next release, the vocalist stated, "We’ve just been having a chat in the dressing room now with a few people, and we’re probably going to aim for a '21 release. We want to take our time on this, and we want to work with people that we really wanna work with, and we may have to wait depending on their schedules. But we think '21 is a safe bet, to give us the time to do what we want, how we want to do it and not be rushed or forced into anything."

Recently speaking with Metal Shop TV, Tuck likened their new music to "a dirty love child of Venom and Gravity." As it currently stands, Bullet for My Valentine will have a nice chunk of time to work on new music should they choose to do so. They don't return to the road until August when they kick off another European tour leg. See their dates here.

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