Bullet for My Valentine's audience has grown considerably over the recent years and their latest video, 'Riot,' reflects that evolution on a somewhat smaller scale. The band recently shot the clip in Brooklyn, N.Y., with director P.R. Brown and the video finds singer Matt Tuck as a bit of a hard rock pied piper as he roams the tough city streets.

In the video, Tuck belts the track's anti-establishment lyrics as he passes graffiti covered walls and multiple youths seem to heed his call, popping up as he walks by. As the song suggests, it's not long before the sirens and the law are hot on the tail of Tuck and his growing following.

But before you think that Tuck is rounding up the troops for some Michael Jackson 'Beat It'-like showdown, he heads down a dark alleyway and enters an abandoned warehouse lit only with swinging light bulbs as he and his bandmates rock the 'Riot' song for their newfound fans.

'Riot' can be heard on Bullet for My Valentine's upcoming album, 'Temper Temper' (due Feb. 12). Check out the artwork for the disc here.

Watch Bullet for My Valentine's 'Riot' Video