Earlier this year, Loudwire readers voted Cauldron's In Ruin as the January Release of the Month. Now the band is ready to dig a little deeper into the disc and they're teaming up with Loudwire to premiere the video for "Burning at Both Ends."

The clip is primarily a performance video with some behind-the-scenes footage thrown in. The band used Los Angeles' historic Whisky-a-Go-Go as the location for their electric concert performance, while we get to see the guys enjoy the three P's of backstage sporting -- pool, pinball and ping-pong -- on the road.

Singer-bassist Jason Decay tells us, "If our last video ["No Return/In Ruin"] was a day in the life of then I suppose this is the elaborate, few weeks in the life of version. Footage taken on the 'Ruining America Tour' this past January/February before the big accident. This song is too relevant in the sense that it's about going too hard for too long and facing the ultimate crash and burn. These were fun times and we hope you enjoy!"

The accident that Decay is referring to is their Valentine's Day van accident outside of Dallas. The band's van hit debris from a previous incident on the highway, which led their vehicle to roll over several times. Decay, Myles Deck and tour manager Henry Yuan suffered only a few cuts and bruises, but guitarist Ian Chains suffered multiple fractured vertebrae in his back and neck, a fractured sternum and a fractured hip bone.

"I'm slowly getting back to my old self," says Chains. "It's hard to believe I could barely walk after the accident, so I guess I'm healing up pretty quick. I've been using my time off wisely, engaging in such quality activities as making a new wave/AOR mix tape for Myles and playing plenty of RBI 2 for Nintendo. I haven't touched my guitar since the last show in Dallas but I'm planning to start working up the callouses again any day now...  The paramedics shaved a bunch of my hair off so they could staple my scalp back together, so Jason came over with his mobile 'Skull Cuts' unit and gave me the skullet I always wanted!"  After the incident, the band launched an official donation site where merch items sales helped Chains' recovery process. The End Records also created their own Ian Chains merch bundle to help out the rocker as well. Meanwhile, the In Ruin album is currently available via Amazon and iTunes.

The band plans to resume live activities with some Eastern Canada shows at the end of July. Stay tuned for details.


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