Loudwire is a judge-free zone. We understand rock and metal fans around the world have varying beliefs and opinions, but if there's one thing that may be crossing the line - it's praising Charles Manson. We regret to inform that a weirdo recently got a tattoo of Charles Manson's face with his ashes put in it.

TMZ reported that artist Ryan Almighty tattooed Manson's portrait on the arm of his friend John Michael Jones, who says he was pen pals with the murderer before he died in prison in 2017. Almighty put Manson's leftover ashes in the ink, so Jones now has them in his skin.



We aren't sure which is worse in this situation - actually wanting the tattoo, or owning the ashes to be able to do it in the first place.

Almighty also did a painting of Manson's face with human blood, which also had some of his ashes mixed in as well. According to his website, the artist formed a friendship with Manson over 20 years ago.

He's also selling some of the "cremains," if you so happen to have a desire to own them as well.

Some considered Manson a serial killer, and some say he wasn't because he didn't actually commit the murders himself. However, he led a cult who killed nine people, including pregnant actress Sharon Tate.

Therefore, getting a tattoo of the late sociopath's face is strange. But there isn't even a word to describe getting a tattoo of the late sociopath's face with his ashes put in it.

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