Sibling rivalry can be tough, but it looks as though there's nothing but love within the Cornell family. Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell may be a superstar, but the rocker is happy to salute his brother Peter, who is also a singer/songwriter.

During the Cornell brothers' first ever appearance ever together onstage together in 2011, Chris introduced Peter stating, "He was that guy for me. He was the guy that was the coolest person on Earth. He was also the guy, cause I was little, that he would beat the s--- out of anybody if they f---ed with me." Chris also credited Peter with turning him onto some great music at a young age.

Now, Peter has released a couple of new songs via SoundCloud players. 'Madman' is a foot-stomping, bluesy rocker and it's clear from listening that Peter and his brother Chris share vocal similarities. 'Insides,' meanwhile, also has some of that bluesy delivery that 'Madman' has.

Check out Peter Cornell's song clips for both tracks [via] below, as well as his 2011 live performance of 'I'm Still Loving You.'

Listen to Peter Cornell's 'Madman'

Listen to Peter Cornell's 'Insides'

Watch Peter Cornell Perform 'I'm Still Loving You' in 2011