'The Needle and the Damage' done is a tattoo series produced by Loudwire and presented by the Inkcarceration Music and Tattoo Festival. Each episode was shot on site at the festival's location in Mansfield, Ohio, at the Ohio State Reformatory, which is also where scenes from the 'Shawshank Redemption' were filmed. Here, artists reflect on the artwork scrawled into their flesh, recollecting their first tattoos, the most painful ones, deeper meanings and, of course, the stories behind them allEnjoy while you anxiously await the announcement of next year's lineup. Keep an eye out because tickets go on sale in December! 

Episode 11 of The Needle and the Damage Done features Fozzy frontman and AEW superstar Chris Jericho. His artwork only occupies his left his arm, and he revealed that his very first tattoo was one of his wife's name around his ring finger. I kept losing wedding rings, and I have kind of a broken knuckle, so it hurts to put the ring on and off, so I got the tattoo there."

After that first domino fell, he loaded up his arm. Next was the Fozzy "F," which rests on top of his hand between his thumb and forefinger, which was inspired by the Metallica "M" that James Hetfield has on his picking hand.

Further along the tattoo tour, we get a rapid-fire session about some of Jericho's favorite artists, all of which are immortalized on the bulked-up arm.

He even did the cute thing and got a matching tattoo with a buddy — Avenged Sevenfold's M. Shadows. It's on the lower part of his arm, but we're not just going to tell you what it is. You have to watch the video.

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