Legendary Californian hardcore punk band the Circle Jerks will be releasing the documentary, 'My Career as a Jerk,' on Sept. 25. The documentary will tell the story of the band's on-and-off, 21-year career as one of punk's most influential underground acts.

Consisting of original Black Flag vocalist Keith Morris and Bad Religion guitarist Greg Hetson, among others, the Circle Jerks are currently on their third hiatus, which was announced in 2010. Although the band currently have no plans to reunite, 'My Career as a Jerk' aims to add to the legacy of the band, giving their fans another piece of history to grasp onto.

"We had no management, we had no plan as to what we wanted to do, things were getting faster, things were getting shorter, which you also have to throw into the mix. Things were getting crazier," says vocalist Keith Morris in the trailer for 'My Life As A Jerk. Morris continues in an official press release, "I was a participant on a very long musical adventure through all the fun and miserable times and thinking about this I don't know if i'd change any of it!"

Morris's current band OFF! recently joined Swedish hardcore legends Refused for a short burst of tour dates. Check out our coverage of the show, along with the ridiculous events that occurred before and during the Brooklyn, N.Y., concert.

'My Career as a Jerk' filmmaker David Markey, who grew up as a fan of the Circle Jerks, reminisces about the California punk scene and where the Circle Jerks fit into it. "I was at many of these shows, and let me tell you, there wasn't a tighter band in Los Angeles at the time," says Markey. "Making this film reminded me just how truly great they were."

Along with Circle Jerks members, Markey recruited Henry Rollins (Black Flag), J. Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.) and Brian Baker (Minor Threat, Bad Religion) to add their expertise and experiences on the Circle Jerks. Markey also directed the landmark documentary '1991: The Year Punk Broke,' as well as 'The Slog Movie.'

'My Life as a Jerk' will be released on Sept. 25. Check out the trailer for the upcoming documentary below.

Watch the Official Trailer For 'My Life as a Jerk'

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