While most know Dave Lombardo from his years killing it behind the kit with thrash metal icons Slayer, one of his current bands, Dead Cross, finds him dabbling more in the punk world. And it is Lombardo's punk background the piqued the interest of a fan in the latest issue of Metal Hammer to ask the musician for his five favorite punk albums.

"Oh, wow! An easy one there," joked the drummer, before firing off, "Minor Threat’s Out of Step, Circle Jerks’ Group Sex, Dead Kennedy’s In God We Trust." Taking a pause, he then added, "GBH’s Leather, Bristles, Studs and Acne and...one more...DRI’s Dealing With It. That’s just off the top of my head with what I grew up with. There are others, but they stand out."

When a question asking for someone's favorite anything comes up, there's always the immediate search through the crevices of one's mind hoping to ensure that you don't leave something important out when answering something so personal, and that happened to Lombardo who added a bonus entry that came to him later in thinking about the exercise.

"Oh, The Exploited, they were awesome, they still are," added Lombardo, though not picking an album. "Mr.Bungle covered 'Fuck The USA' recently and that was a lot of fun. I’d like to add The Exploited in as well.”

Much like the punk bands that he loved growing up, Lombardo isn't shying away from political content. Recently speaking with Full Metal Jackie, the drummer stated, "I've always loved that style of music, so it's just one of those things you can't hide from. It's in our faces and we get upset at some things that we hear on television. This style of music allows us to vent our frustrations, so I'm lucky to be in a band like this. If there is anything that pisses us off, we're out writing a song about it."

Dead Cross' second album, aptly titled II, is out on Oct. 28. Pick it up here.

More of Lombardo's fan Q&A can be found in the current issue of Metal Hammer magazine with the various Slipknot cover variants.

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