After a lengthy studio absence, CKY have staked out 2017 for their return with the new album The Phoenix. Last month, the band dropped "Days of Self Destruction" featuring Mastodon's Brent Hinds, and now it's time to check out another song, "Replaceable," which is premiering here at Loudwire (listen above).

A wah-drenched guitar lick sits in the background, easing in as thumping bass notes accent the opening moments, building tension before "Replaceable" explodes with a door-kicking "Oooh!" and the groove takes charge of the track. The toe-tapping verse slides into a fun, horror-esque melody behind an instantly catchy chorus.

"Replaceable is a rockin' track. F--king solid," guitarist-vocalist Chad I Ginsburg exclaims. "I would say it is generally about anyone that gets in your way, holds you back or slows your potential with their own blatant insecurity, fears or sickness -- individuals who you are ultimately and knowingly covering for as they selfishly sabotage you. And then realizing how much better you can be without any losers or life suckers as obstacles. Rock n roll power.  Onward. Strength from within."

The Phoenix marks the first album from the group since 2009's Carver City and will see a June 16 release through eOne Music. Pre-orders are available now through Amazon, iTunes and Google Play, with iTunes reservations including instant gratification downloads of both "Replaceable" and "Days of Self Destruction." Catch the group on the road this summer on the Warped Tour. Click here for all the stops, and head to CKY's Facebook page to see their newly announced Canadian tour dates.

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