The San Francisco Bay Area band Trauma, best known for being late bassist Cliff Burton's pre-Metallica group, have been resurrected by frontman Donny Hillier and they recently signed a new record deal.

The band just completed a 10-song disc and has signed with Pure Steel Records to put out the collection. Hillier remains the only member from the band that launched their career in 1980, with the current lineup featuring former Mechanizm guitarist and Kurt Fry and drummer Kris Gustofson and ex-Serpent & Sarrah bassist Marcel Eaton.

Trauma began receiving recognition in the early '80s, with their song 'Such a Shame' turning up on the Metal Blade 'Metal Massacre II' compilation in 1982. After Burton departed, Trauma's lineup shifted to include Gustofson. Then, after a lengthy hiatus, the band returned in 2013 to celebrate the 'Scratch and Scream' album reissue.

Hillier and Gustofson were held over from the previous incarnation of the band, with Fry joining for the 2013 revival. Eaton is the band's most recent addition. At present a firm release date has not been set for Trauma's new album, but it is expected to arrive before the end of 2014.

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