The line between art and pain no longer exists” — it’s the line from Code Orange's "Bleeding in the Blur” We talked with  Code Orange's drummer / vocalist Jami Morgan about making music that “hurts” along with the band’s plans for a new album and their monumental 2017.

Code Orange went into a heavily psychological direction with Forever, creating a soundscape to intrigue and terrorize simultaneously, but the Pittsburgh band isn’t about to ease up. “I want you to feel something and be transported somewhere when you’re listening to it,” Morgan says. “We want to continue to build that. I think the next [album] is gonna be even more so that, I think it’s gonna be coming at you from everywhere; multidimensional.”

As for that next full-length, Jami says, “We’re always working on stuff. [It’ll be] sooner than anyone thinks. We don’t take any time off, so when we’re not playing shows we’re writing or we’re in the studio every time.”

Code Orange made history in 2017 by being the first band to play live at an NXT: Takeover event. WWE legend Triple H was there the entire time to make sure Code Orange would be as powerful as possible, even visiting the band’s practice space at midnight before the show. “It’s no bullshit, he organized the whole thing,” Morgan reveals. “We played the thing and then he was just like, ‘It’s perfect.’ It was amazing, it’s like a dream come true. We couldn’t have been treated better.”

Check out our interview with Code Orange’s Jami Morgan in the clip above. For Code Orange’s upcoming tour dates, click here.

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