Code Orange are playing Jay-Z’s annual Made in American festival, and fans are incredibly confused about seeing the band on the bill alongside headliners Nicki Minaj and Post Malone.

Made in America has a history of booking a handful of rock artists each year. For example, bands such as Pearl Jam, Nine Inch Nails, Queens Of The Stone Age and Touche Amore have all performed throughout previous years. This year, the rock quota is filled by Code Orange and hardcore-punk band Turnstile. Both groups are on Roadrunner Records.

The fan response on Code Orange’s Facebook page is quite comical. One user asked, “Do you think [Nicki] will watch your set?” Another sarcastically said, “First time I saw you I said to myself ‘Why are these guys not opening for Nicki Minaj?!’" Of course, there were also comments discussing what the fan reaction to their set will be: “People are going to be unknowingly destroyed in that pit,” one user predicted. There were positive comments as well. “This is how Rock becomes relevant again. Spread the word to the masses. Increase the flock,” offered a fan.

Would you go to Made in America to see Code Orange? How do you feel about mixed genre lineups such as this one? Do you think this is a good strategy for heavy bands wanting to grow their fanbases? Leave us a comment with your thoughts!

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