Last year, Code Orange had a breakout year, releasing their highly acclaimed Forever and putting the entire world on notice that they were the new metal band to watch. It resulted in a Grammy nomination for the band, and slots in some of the biggest festivals. Today, they're continuing their reign by releasing a new song through Adult Swim's Singles program titled "Only One Way."

The song is much different than the band's material thus far, erring more on the hard rock side of things than the beatdown hardcore. Main vocal duties are handled by guitarist/singer Reba Meyers, who imbues a lot of heart and fire into the song. Two elements constantly collide on the track, the militant heaviness of its guitar work and the interjection of arresting moments of electronic noise.

It's also one of the longer songs the band has released, its turning path leading to a part that features almost new-wave synthesizers, before totally cutting out and going industrial. Drummer/vocalist Jami Morgan also contributes singing to the song near its end point, a much different approach than his usual screams.

“We wanted to write a song that felt like something structurally sound and melodic, being chewed up and spit out by a machine; our machine,” the band says in a statement. “We plan to release material on a more regular basis in an attempt to break down rock and metal’s formulaic pattern of long breaks between outputs. This means we must work twice as hard, so we will. The hurt will go on. The end will never come...”

Hear "Only One Way" above.

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