Get ready America, the band coldrain are setting their sites on the States. The Japanese outfit issued two solid albums in their homeland and have just unleashed their first international release with their third album, 'The Revelation.' Now, coldrain are teaming with Loudwire to bring you the exclusive video premiere for the single 'Aware and Awake.'

The high-energy track has an equally rocking video that is the perfect introduction to what you can expect from the band's live set. The group appears in a rock pit just as a storm is coming in and starting to douse them with … well … cold rain.

Frontman Masato tells Loudwire, "The 'Aware and Awake' video was shot near the ocean in Tokyo. It was supposed to be a performance clip at night on a cliff. Then a storm came and turned it into survival. The rain and wind is all real. We only got a few chances to roll the camera, so every take had to count. In the end, it's all about how much passion you can express in 3.5 minutes."

'Aware and Awake' appears on the newly released David Bendeth-produced album 'The Revelation.' If you like what you hear, the disc is currently available via iTunes and in a variety of packages at the band's online merch store. Remember the name and keep an ear out for more from coldrain in the coming months.