Slipknot singer Corey Taylor has just announced the CMFB...Sides solo EP and has debuted his cover of "On the Dark Side," which was originally by John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band.

The song was made famous in the 1983 film Eddie and the Cruisers, which was directed by Martin Davidson and based on the P.F. Kluge fiction novel of the same name that was published three years prior to the film's release. The plot is centered around the band Eddie and the Cruisers and the disappearance of cult rocker and group namesake, Eddie Wilson.

On his version of the classic song, Taylor keeps it faithful to the original, with the biggest difference being the production value as the singer punches it up with a slick, well-balanced and modern sound with a familiar jangling guitar tone and hand claps to drive the momentum forward.

Take a listen below.

As for the rest of CMFB...Sides, the EP boasts a total of nine tracks, bringing a mix of acoustic versions of "Halfway Down" and "Kansas," both of which first appeared on Taylor's 2020 solo full length, CMFT, a live Stone Sour medley and covers of songs by Metallica, Dead Boys, Eddie Money, Red Rider, KISS as well as the aforementioned John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band.

View the artwork and complete track listing further down the page and look for the EP to drop on Feb. 25 on Roadrunner Records. To pre-order your copy, head here.

Corey Taylor, "On the Dark Side" (John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band cover)

Corey Taylor, CMFB...Sides EP Artwork + Track Listing

Corey Taylor, 'CMFB...Sides' EP
Roadrunner Records

01. "Holier Than Thou" (Metallica cover)
02. "All This And More" (Dead Boys cover)
03. "Kansas" (acoustic)
04. "Shakin'" (Eddie Money cover)
05. "Home/Zzyzx" (live Stone Sour medley)
06. "Lunatic Fringe" (Red Rider cover)
07. "Got To Choose" (KISS cover)
08. "Halfway Down" (acoustic)
09. "On The Dark Side" (John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band cover)

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