While Slipknot still have no official timeline for recording their next disc, members of the band have been sharing some details on what's in store for the future. In a new interview with frontman Corey Taylor the vocalist shared his thoughts on the possible direction of the new album and when the recording process may get underway.

Talking to ARTISTDirect, Taylor revealed that “Slipknot is looming on the horizon,” adding, “That's what's next in my mind anyway. I'm writing some demos.” Taylor isn’t the only one already getting things rolling in the Slipknot camp either. “Clown is putting some things together,” Taylor said. “Joey is doing Scar The Martyr, but he's a f---ing machine. He can write at any time.”

With three members of Slipknot already working on new material the next logical question is when will the band get together in the same room to collaborate. “We don't have a definitive start date, which is fine. That's okay for us now,” said Taylor. “When we're ready to make the album, we will. That's the mindset. Next year we're going to get together and start putting the pieces together.”

As far as the direction of their new disc, Taylor had some clear ideas. “'Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)' is a bit of a peek at what I think the next album will be,” said Taylor when asked about their past recording. “It'll be a cross between ‘Iowa’ and ‘Vol. 3’ in a lot of ways, while also evolving the way we always have.”

“The stuff I'm writing right now is really dark. The stuff Clown is coming with is f---ing beyond. It's really cool,” said Taylor. “It's going to be cool to get the alchemists in the same room and see what happens.”