Cradle of Filth guitarist James McIlroy is scheduled to undergo surgery tomorrow (March 15) to fix a spinal injury which has kept him off the road. The extreme metal band just shared the details of McIlroy's upcoming procedure, skipping no gory detail and even posting a video of the surgery the guitarist will soon undergo.

McIlroy joined the band in 2003, making his Cradle of Filth recording debut on the band's 2004 album, 'Nymphetamine.' The guitarist made his exit from the band in 2005, but returned in 2009 after working on other projects. He has since played on 'Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa' in 2010 and 'The Manticore and Other Horrors' in 2012.

Cradle of Filth released this statement on their Facebook page earlier today (March 14):


We'd like to send our best wishes to James McIlroy. Here's to a successful procedure under the knife!