In addition to being Escape the Fate‘s lead singer, Craig Mabbitt is a diehard viewer of ‘The Walking Dead.’ For Season 4 of the hit AMC show, Mabbitt has signed on to write an exclusive recap of each episode for Loudwire. Check out his rundown of Episode 11 below:

So let's just start this week off by saying Milton was a WAY better "scientist" than this mullet douche! I just don't like him, something's off......

So we start this week's episode off with a friendship that seems to be blossoming full bloom between Michonne and Carl, as they eat dry cereal. Michonne mentions she'd love it if they had soy milk and Carl explains how a 3rd grade friend had him try and and he puked! He'd rather have Judith's formula....and that's where the convo ends. Rick thanks Michonne for making Carl laugh, and Michonne decides to head out with Carl for supplies and insists that Rick stay behind to rest, which he attempts to do.

We change over at this point to see what Glenn is up to and he's in the back of that army truck and starts bashing the back window demanding to be let off to go find Maggie, so long story short we find out that this mullet scientist knows why this all happened and is the key to saving humanity and they need to get to Washington, D.C. ASAP ... This obviously doesn't change Glenn's mind about searching for Maggie, so they get into a brawl, and as always this is the moment walkers show up -- this time it's walkers of the corn, ahhhhhhh!

So the Kenny-Powers-lookin'-ass scientist grabs a gun and starts shooting, they eventually eliminate all walker threats but in the process Billy Ray Scientist shoots the fuel tank of the truck ... nice goin'! So Glenn walks off and everyone follows ... lets see where this takes us.

Now back to Rick, who is trying to rest. He's woken up when a group of men barge into the house looking for supplies, shelter, whatever. This whole scene caused me so much anxiety -- Rick hides under the bed, dude plops down on top to rest, is woken up by one of his own to give up the bed, they brawl and dude gets slammed to the ground and choked out to death all while staring at Rick under the bed...INTENSE!

So Rick makes his way out from under there into room from room and eventually to the bathroom where he noticed another dude taking a s--t ... uh oh ...Rick shuts out his life with the strap of the dude's rifle (how no one heard this ruckus is beyond me); he makes it out the window; jumps to the ground from the roof and sees Michonne and Carl returning. But there's a guy on the patio above him ... Rick moves to attempt to take him out and BANG gun shot from inside and walker sounds, I'm guessing that dude that got choked out staring at Rick was reanimated. So Rick takes the opportunity and runs to Michonne and Carl and they run off into the distance.

We now see them walking the railroad tracks and what do they come upon? A terminus sign!! Woot, woot I can't wait for this next episode!! Looks like Rick and Carl are gonna be reunited with Judith soon!

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