In addition to being Escape the Fate‘s lead singer, Craig Mabbitt is a diehard viewer of ‘The Walking Dead.’ For Season 4 of the hit AMC show, Mabbitt has signed on to write an exclusive recap of each episode for Loudwire. Check out his rundown of Episode 15 below:

One more episode left, and my excitement for it makes me wanna keep this brief. This week's episode has set us up for, what I've been reading, "the biggest cliffhanger the show has seen yet." This makes me nervous, and nervous for my favorite (and everyones favorite character) Daryl. Why? Lemme recap the episode as short and sweet as possible.

Rick, Michonne, Carl:

We do not see them very much this episode at all, but what we do see is the relationship between these particular 3 people bonding even stronger together. We also see that they are getting very, very close to Terminus, but who is right on their tails?

Daryl, Beth:

Beth is obviously still missing, and we don't see her at all this episode, will she make a return in the finale? Who knows?

Daryl though is still coping with this new found group of old "hims" (literally they are all a shadow of his former ways; his and his brother's) So is Daryl warming up to this group? Specifically the father type figure -- could this be his actual father that left years and years ago? I don't know. In the game, his father's name is Will and has a bit of a backstory, but anything is possible.

Now, back to why this episode made me nervous. I know that Daryl is a very popular character, even to the point that I myself own an "If Daryl dies we riot" shirt, but the 'Walking Dead' has shown us that NO ONE is safe. So, knowing you have a character as popular as Daryl and you don't wanna piss fans off, what do you do? In my mind, I would slowly make the viewers despise the character before killing them off. Now, I hate saying that or even thinking that and how could Norman Reedus ever play someone you hate? I just hope it never goes this route. Daryl and this group are on the trail of Rick, who killed one of these guys back at the house. Hopefully, when Daryl and this group catch up, he claims them. :( Dont' turn into a D-bag man!!!

Glenn's group, Maggie, Bob, Sasha:

Probably the biggest and most talked about scene from this week was when Glenn found out he was gaining on Maggie and came to a dark tunnel. This whole scene was very reminiscent of 'Day of the Dead,' which is one of the first films Greg Nicotero, who directed this week's episode, did special effects on ... COOL!

Abraham lets Glenn and Tara, who seriously has been feeling like she doesn't mind dying at any point. But Eugene, who seems to have a crush on Tara, drives to the other end of the tunnel and waits to see Glenn and Tara emerge. Instead, he sees someone else. The next scene is Glenn trying to get Tara unstuck from a rock as walkers are approaching and BAM! Minivan lights turn on and guns are a-blazin'. When the walkers are dealt with, Glenn peers through the light and gun smoke and sees MAGGIE! Aw, what a fantastic reunion, which I thought was gonna be short lived, but I was wrong.

The episode ends with all who were in the tunnel arriving at Terminus, where a lady greets them and says, "We will make you a plate, welcome to Terminus."

Now, this has GOT to be too good to be true. No one knew, other than the Governor, that Rick and everyone were held up at the prison and look how secure they made that. I could have crawled into Terminus. Nothing was barricaded or locked or anything. No guards, and you have signs everywhere telling all survivors to come!!?? S--t is fishy.

So again, here comes the finale. WTF is gonna happen?

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