In addition to being Escape the Fate‘s lead singer, Craig Mabbitt is a diehard viewer of ‘The Walking Dead.’ For Season 4 of the hit AMC show, Mabbitt has signed on to write an exclusive recap of each episode for Loudwire. Check out his rundown of the season finale, Episode 16, below:

This finale starts off answering one of my biggest questions for the end if the season: What's to become of Daryl?

Well, this happens at the beginning: Rick, Michonne and Carl get caught by Daryl's new group. Daryl stands up for Rick and the leader tells the rest of the boys to "teach him all the way" and they jump Daryl. Rick gets up and literally goes crazy walker status and bites the leader's neck and he collapses and bleeds to death!!

The group is defeated and Rick and Daryl have a moment right after where Rick lets Daryl know that he's family. "You're my brother," Rick says. They head off in the woods toward Terminus and Rick buries a bag if guns "just in case," which I think is a smart idea!

Everyone is way TOO welcoming and Rick knows something is up. They are lead out into the main area where Mary is at and Rick notices people with his groups items. They flip out and it's an all-out gun fight, except the gunfire directed towards them is clearly off the mark. They are shooting around them to lead Rick, Michonne, Daryl and Carl to this old, abandoned freight car out back, where they are met by a large number of other Terminus gun-slingers beyond the fences and on the rooftops. They are told to head into the car one by one. As they all enter they notice others inside as well -- Glenn and the others!!!!

And that's where we are left off. What's to happen to them? Where's Beth!? Shouldn't Tyreese and Carol and Judith be there already!? Gotta wait 'til next season to find out.

Our thanks to Craig Mabbitt for his recap of the latest episode of ‘The Walking Dead.’ Please note that Craig’s opinions do not necessarily reflect those of Loudwire. You can enter to win a deluxe box set copy of Season 3 in the contest below. Pick up Escape the Fate's latest album, 'Ungrateful,' at iTunes, and catch the band on tour with Pop Evil this spring.

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