In addition to being Escape the Fate‘s lead singer, Craig Mabbitt is a diehard viewer of ‘The Walking Dead.’ For Season 4 of the hit AMC show, Mabbitt has signed on to write an exclusive recap of each episode for Loudwire. Check out his rundown of Episode 6 below:

So, as I expected, things did not pick up. They slowed down a little bit to focus on the return of the Governor. His two henchman up and leave him in the middle of the night and he wakes up alone and just starts walking till he cant walk anymore. He stumbles upon a shed riddled with names of people who were searching for each other, or letting others know that they had someone who was found OR found dead. Among these names was the name Brian Heriot, which the Governor takes as his own when he comes upon an apartment building occupied by two women a little girl and a man dying of stage 4 lung cancer.

In an attempt to try and redeem a little humanity (I'm guessing), the Governor does everything he is asked and helps these people by getting a backgammon game as well as an oxygen tank for the man who subsequently dies from his cancer. After this, the governor falls for the little girl, Megan, and burns the photograph of his original family, and to me it seems like he is taking this opportunity as a second chance to protect what he could not before.

So they head out as a group in search of a better place to go, and the Governor runs with Megan in his arms and falls into a walker pit, destroys these zombies with his bare hands and holds the little girl close saying he crosses his heart he will keep her safe. Who comes to see what's in the hole? Martinez, one of the henchman who ditched him.

Now I'm very interested to see where we are headed from here on out. I, for one, was extremely excited to see the Governor return, as he was an amazing enemy, but to me it seems as if he might be turning over a new leaf ... unless Martinez or someone else hurts Megan. All I know is last season when the episode started with a closeup of the Governor's pupil, you could almost see into the soul of the enemy. We need that! So even though I connect with the Governor's fatherhood instincts of protecting this little girl ... I wanna see him lose his f---in marbles! Haha!

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