It’s official: New Creed is on the way! Guitarist Mark Tremonti posted the news via his official Facebook page yesterday (May 20), and he seems more than stoked with the results.

“The new Creed tunes sound great!” he wrote. “We hope to track them at the end of June. We plan to have 8 songs ready by then.”

Tremonti checked in with Loudwire last month to talk about Creed’s current cross-country tour, which celebrates the 15th anniversary of their seminal debut album, ‘My Own Prison.’ At the time, he updated us on the progress of the new Creed disc.

“We did the first batch of songs. We have five of them arranged musically, and we have some scattered melody ideas, and now Scott is working on the lyrics before we keep on moving along,” he said, adding, "We just made a pact that we wouldn’t release another record until it was completely ready and we were complete satisfied with it.”

Tremonti is also set to release his debut solo album, 'All I Was,' on July 10. The disc's first single 'You Waste Your Time' is currently going for its third straight victory in our Cage Match.