10 years ago this month, the greatest series of videos in the history of YouTube began. Thanks to the twisted genius of a YouTuber called Spiritswitchboard, Creed Shreds became a collection for the ages, packing more laughs per second than the funniest film or the most dense “Try Not to Laugh” challenge.

The premise for any “shreds” video is simple: Take existing live footage from a band and dub your own nonsensical garbles into the clip. It’s been done with plenty of acts, including Nickelback and Disturbed, but no “shreds” videos have split more sides than Creed Shreds 1-4.

Spiritswitchboard was the Beethoven of “shreds,” but like the iconic composer in his final years, he pushed himself into isolation. Spiritswitchboard’s YouTube channel no longer exists, but all four Creed Shreds videos have been uploaded by other accounts. Who is Spiritswitchboard? If you trust Funny or Die, he’s a musician named Brady Arnold.

According to KnowYourMeme.com, “Creed Shreds (OHH YEEE YOHHHH)” hit YouTube in October 2007. By May 2010, Creed Shreds hit its height in popularity according to Google Trends, as the videos were becoming viral phenomenons on YouTube. Each Creed Shreds sequel seemed to be funnier than the last, with “Creed Shreds 3: You Sh!t With Me” and “Creed Shreds 4 - A Thousand Yasseahs” emerging as ultimate fan favorites.

Catchphrases from the videos became part of every fan’s personal lexicon. To attend a rock or metal show and yell, “Yeeer, had ta take off mah gloooouuurrve,” “Bout to play some dookah” or “Doo Doo Pie!” would surely result in making new lifelong friends, or start a chain reaction of “Yasseah!” chants with no end. Creed vocalist Scott Stapp and guitarist Mark Tremonti have even gone on record vouching for the hilarity of the Creed Shreds videos.

With no new Creed Shreds clips released in the better part of a decade, the beloved YouTube series is presumed dead. Though many have tried to imitate or emulate Creed Shreds, the original four videos shall always stand out as the epitome of overdub buffoonery.

Spiritswitchboard, if you’re reading this, we’d like to genuinely thank you for a decade of laughter. Your creation is the greatest thing to ever grace a YouTube server and we bow our heads in your honor. But it doesn’t have to be over! Join us, Spiritswitchboard. We’ve got over 640,000 YouTube subscribers and almost 1.4 million Facebook fans. Together, we can give the world what it truly needs during these turbulent times — a new Creed Shreds video! We await your response.

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