In addition to their forthcoming album Afterburner, Dance Gavin Dance have announced another project in the works — this time, it's their very own a graphic novel titled Robot's Tale: A Dance Gavin Dance Graphic Novel.

In collaboration with Z2 Comics, Robot's Tale will be written by Eliot Rahal and illustrated by Ian McGinty, who has also worked on Adventure Time and Invader Zim. The story will mirror themes such as living in a simulation and the overall explication of existence in just over 100 pages.

"Dance Gavin Dance is perfect for the world of comics," Z2's Josh Frankel says. "Their album art is every bit as interesting and inspired as their music, so visual storytelling suits them perfectly and is guaranteed to be as rewarding to graphic novel readers as to the band’s fans."

"Eliot and Ian are the perfect team to bring this story to the page, and I can honestly say this is one of the most bats#@t crazy fun books we have published yet," Frankel continues.

You can check out McGinty's cover art for Robot's Tale below.

Dance Gavin Dance, A Robot's Tale graphic novel

[Art by: Ian McGinty/via Z2 Comics][/caption]Robot's Tale will hit bookstores and comic shops in May. However a limited deluxe edition will also be available through Z2's website. The deluxe edition will include a new cover from Mattias Adolfsson, who created various artwork and album covers for the band, and a limited edition pressing of Afterburner. The special pressing of Afterburner that comes with this bundle is limited to 1,000 copies.

You can preorder either edition of Dance Gavin Dance's graphic novel here.

Z2 Comics have also published works from various other bands, such as Poppy's Genesis One and Babymetal's Apocrypha.

As previously reportedAfterburner will be out on April 24 via Rise Records.


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