Dani Filth is a busy man. In addition to Cradle of Filth, he's also a member of the band , whose debut album 'The Great and Secret Show' will be released in November. But Cradle of Filth's upcoming release came to the forefront during a recent chat and the vocalist was forthcoming with details on the disc.

In an interview with Metal Kaoz, Filth stated that the working title for the album is 'Hammer of the Witches,' "but it’s just a working one at present." He went on to add, "Some of the song titles are 'Enshrined in Crematoria,' 'Misery Code,' 'Yours Immortally,' 'Achingly Beautiful, 'Dantiesque,' 'Blackest Magic in Practice' and 'Deflowering the Maiden Head/Displeasuring the Goddess.'

As far as the sound of the record, Filth says, "The album is 80 percent finished and we have a lot of material that sounds brilliant. It has a little bit of everything; very cool twin guitar work, very fast thrash parts almost like deathcore and I mean stuff like Pap Smear, the really fast speed metal bands, but it’s very dark and symphonic."

Filth continues, "Everybody has contributed to this from Lindsay the keyboard player, Martin the drummer -- everybody has been working very hard. We have to get most of it done by the time we get to Russia, so we have two-and-a-half weeks and I have to finish the lyrics for a few songs but the songs are pretty much there; we just have to move stuff around and put some strange instrumentation."

Cradle of Filth kick off a Russian tour on Oct. 9. For all the dates, go here. After that, Devilment have numerous European tour dates starting Oct. 31. Their concert calendar is at this location.