Danny Worsnop's time away from Asking Alexandria was brief as he was replaced by Denis Stoff, who sang on the band's latest album, The Black. The group played a mix of new material and favorites from the Worsnop era with Stoff, though Worsnop has now alleged that his replacement was lip-syncing throughout various parts of the set.

As a guest on the Lead Singer Syndrome podcast Worsnop said (transcription via ThePRP) Stoff "was just keeping my seat warm." He went on to say he doesn't know the singer and hears stories from others, but his response "I don't want to know," adding he met Stoff once in Russia, where they took a picture together outside of a hotel. "That's the extent of my knowledge of him," Worsnop said.

“The only weird thing was, and this was like, it was like almost illegal. He was lip syncing over my stuff for a minute," continued Asking Alexandria's current frontman. "That obviously did not rub me or my lawyers the right way.” Elaborating, Wornsop stated, “They jumped on it before I did. They were like, 'Hey just so you know we sent him a cease and desist because he’s lip syncing over your stuff.’ I hadn’t seen them or heard them with him so I was just like, 'Yeah, make sure he’s not using my stuff.'”

In January of 2015, Worsnop revealed he had split with Asking Alexandria, but rejoined the band after talks with guitarist Ben Bruce. With Stoff unable to be reached as a headlining tour was fast-approaching, the band decided to link back up with their former singer in October of last year. Worsnop has since said, "This is something I can embrace again," and the band has already begun working on new music.

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