Seven years after their impressive 2005 debut 'Twelve Year Silence,' Dark New Day continue their rock journey with 'New Tradition,' which is set for release on Feb. 28. This time around, the melodies are more complex and empowering and the rock riffs are rawer and even more amped-up, resulting in a set of songs that appeal to the real-deal rock fan.

Dark New Day are a hard rock supergroup of sorts bringing together Will Hunt and Troy McLawhorn of Evanescence, Clint Lowery of Sevendust, Brett Hestla of Virgos Merlot and Corey Lowery of Stereomud / Eye Empire. With so many different projects splitting up the forces, the band members haven’t had a chance to lay down tracks as of late, so 'New Tradition' consists entirely of songs written around the time of their 2005 debut.

Even so, you can’t tell these songs were dug out of the past. With sharp production and tight songwriting, the songs sound contemporary and modern -- a surefire fit on any active rock playlist. Chalk it up to Dark New Day being ahead of their time.

From the intensity and scorching vocals of opener 'Fist from the Sky' to the reflection on personal imperfections and regrets in 'Sorry,' Dark New Day cover the gamut of up-and-down emotions and buffed up rock sounds. One of the album’s standouts is 'I Don’t Need You,' brimming with headbang-worthy riffing, fast-paced instrumentals and a high-octane, power rock anthem feel. Meanwhile, 'Sunday' carries an almost spiritual vibe, with thought-provoking lyrics and warm, thick instrumentals.

The focus and tight songwriting found on 'New Tradition' enhances what fans heard on the outfit’s debut, helping the album to beat the sophomore slump with a set that sounds like Dark New Day, but doesn’t simply reiterate what they've already said. 'New Tradition' shows a group of talented musicians transporting a full emotional experience from the first guitar riff to the last.