Dark New Day are back with a new single, titled ‘New Tradition,’ and the tune is one heavy-riffed anthem. The band’s sophomore album by the same name is set to drop Feb. 28.

‘New Tradition’ is the band’s first full-length album since their 2005 debut, ‘Twelve Year Silence.’ Dark New Day feature Sevendust guitarist Clint Lowery, his brother and the band’s bassist Corey Lowery of Eye Empire, Evanescence drummer Will Hunt, Evanescence axeman Troy McLawhorn and vocalist Brett Hestla, who is also the lead singer and guitarist from Virgos Merlot.

On the single, Hestla’s clean vocals belt out the defiant chorus: “Give it up for the new tradition / Burn the flag of another side / What’s the point of a new direction / When we get nowhere every time.” The singer manages to keep the song melodic without losing an ounce of edge in his voice.

The tune is led by the steady and heavy guitar riffs of the duo of axeman McLawhorn and Clint Lowery. The side-splitting guitar solo will elevate the ear drums along thriving bass lines and brisk cymbals.

Clint Lowery states his excitement for the album, saying, “It seems the time is right to make these songs public and share with the fans that continue to support this project. We believe this music is still very valid and powerful today, and think its mandatory we give these songs a fair chance out in the music world.”

Dark New Day fans should be delighted with the return of the band and a new album. A song like ‘New Tradition’ sets a solid tone for what's to come.

Listen to Dark New Day, ‘New Tradition’