Supergroup Dark New Day are set to release their sophomore studio album ‘New Tradition’ on Feb. 28 via Goomba Music.

Dark New Day feature guitarist Clint Lowery (Sevendust) and his brother, bassist Corey Lowery (Eye Empire), along with Evanescence members Will Hunt on drums and Troy McLawhorn on guitar, plus vocalist Brett Hestla of Virgos Merlot. The first single off of the new album is also titled ‘New Tradition' and has just impacted radio and can be heard at

"We’re very excited about the new Dark New Day release,” says Clint Lowery in a statement. “It seems the time is right to make these songs public and share with the fans that continue to support this project. We believe this music is still very valid and powerful today, and think its mandatory we give these songs a fair chance out in the music world. We owe it to ourselves and the DND fans. ‘New Tradition’ sums up the mindset we were in writing the follow-up to ‘Twelve Year Silence’."

Check out the full track list for Dark New Day below:

Dark New Day, ‘New Tradition’ - Track Listing

1. Fist From The Sky
2. Come Alive
3. I Don’t Need You
4. New Tradition
5. Tremendous
6. Sorry
7. Straightjacket
8. Take It From Me
9. Caught In The Light
10. Sunday
11. Fiend
12. Breakdown
13. Burns Your Eyes