Dave Grohl has kept most of the concrete details surrounding his upcoming 'Sound City' documentary under wraps. Now the Foo Fighters frontman has issued a handwritten statement detailing what inspired him to make the film, as well as a new trailer for the movie.

Grohl's 'Sound City' promises to be an unusually awesome affair. From what we know of the film, it will feature interviews with many of the legendary artists who've recorded at the now-closed studio in Van Nuys, California. In addition to that, there will be a number of eclectic collaborations featured in the film and on its soundtrack -- one example being the WTF-inspiring combination of Queens of the Stone Age's Josh Homme with 1980's teen idol Rick Springfield and Grohl himself.

In a new hand-written letter (which can be seen in full below), Grohl recounts how recording Nirvana's 'Nevermind' at the studio -- which he lovingly calls an "analog church" -- changed his life forever. Further explaining that Sound City Studios was music's "best kept secret," which is in turn his reason for wanting to tell it's story. In summation, Grohl refers to 'Sound City' as "a film about the truth, the craft and the integrity of rock and roll," causes he recently championed during his cut-short Grammy acceptance speech.

While the new retro trailer for the film doesn't reveal a release date, Butch Vig, who is producing the soundtrack with Grohl, fitted the project with a loose time frame when speaking to Billboard. "[We're] hoping that we'll get it finished and mixed in the fall...to have it come out early next year, like January or February or something like that."

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