Former Slayer and current Philm drummer Dave Lombardo has always been outspoken. Since the metal legend was cast out from Slayer in 2013, Lombardo has shot from the hip about the band's inner workings, but in a new interview, the stickman offered his thoughts on Slayer's current lineup.

After a financial dispute in early 2013, Lombardo was dismissed from drumming duties on Slayer's Australian tour. The sudden news left fans scratching their heads, and soon after, Lombardo would speak about suffering from unfair financial arrangements. Shortly after that, Lombardo was permanently let go by Slayer, who brought in drummer Paul Bostaph to fill the spot.

Lombardo recently appeared on the 'Let There Be Talk' radio show (heard in full in the player below), and during his interview, the drummer unveiled his thoughts on Slayer's current incarnation. "There is a certain magic -- just like with Slayer, just like with AC/DC with Bon Scott — there's a certain magic when you have those musicians and nobody could replace that," Lombardo explains. "Nobody. That's it. You can't. Yeah, Slayer's new drummer [Paul Bostaph], yeah, a lot of fans like him. But there's that magic. It's chemistry. It's like when you meet a girl and you two get along really well, and it's like a chemistry; it's something special. Same thing with the band: you get these four guys, [and] they may hate each other, but on stage, there's magic. And that's what's missing, I personally believe."

Lombardo adds, "I can't go onstage and know that my bandmates, as well as myself, aren't being compensated for the work that we're doing. 'Cause we're out there, we're the ones out there, traveling, we're the ones sweating, peeling off our clothes that are just f---ing full of sweat. And it's, like, 'Really? This is it?' So it just didn't make sense. Especially when you see other bands that are as successful as we are, especially during the 'Big Four.' And to see how Slayer was traveling and how everyone else was traveling, it was kind of weird.'What's going on here?'"

"It's all good. If they wanna work with that organization, then so be it," the drummer concludes. "But, hey, I'm a punk, and I'll always be a punk and I'll never [be a whipping boy]. Absolutely f---ing not. I'm not gonna be that. So that subject, f--- it."

Dave Lombardo recently joined hardcore punk outfit Amen and the drummer is currently looking at a Sept. 16 release for Philm's second full-length, 'Fire From the Evening Sun.'

Listen to Dave Lombardo on 'Let There Be Talk'

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