Dead Cross is the new punk band formed by former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo featuring members of the Locust and Retox. The act performed their first three shows in California with the first being on Dec. 1. Though Dead Cross have yet to record any material, they're already off to a promising start with videos from the shows serving as a solid indicator.

The band played just two weeks after announcing their formation and already had enough material written and rehearsed, which is a testament to the veteran collective's talents. With the first taste of new music, fans were treated to songs like "We'll Sleep When They're Dead" (video above) and "Crushed Under the Wheels of Progress" (video below).

Commenting to Noisey about his excitement to begin Dead Cross, Lombardo said, “I’m excited to play fast! I was playing fast in my previous band [Philm], but there were still other grooves we were tapping into. This is an onslaught of music — something my body is a little more used to than some of the groovy, more laid back songs. This is the kind of music I thrive in. It’s like a vitamin. I come home after rehearsal and I’m charged; it can be 11 o’clock at night and I’m just full of energy."

Rounding out the rest of the Dead Cross lineup is bassist Justin Pearson of both the Locust and Retox, guitarist Mike Crain of Retox and vocalist Gabe Serbian who had played in Retox and currently plays in the Locust.

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