Good news, AFI fans — Davey Havok has not quit the band. When the group posted a cryptic teaser photo yesterday (Oct. 25), it showed the lineup with a silhouette around the singer, leading fans to speculate the AFI singer had left. Quite the opposite has happened as "Get Dark," their first new song since 2017's AFI (The Blood Album), has been released. They've also announced a new EP, The Missing Man.

The fresh cut is a sub-three-minute piece that fuses their upbeat punk leanings with more mood-fueled passages with textural guitar playing. "Get Dark" is driven by jumpy, charging bass lines, exploding over the back half moving from a dramatic dropout section into a combustible solo and back to the refrain with a dynamic buildup and sudden ending.

“From the initial performance and recording, it had a driving sense of forward movement and penetrating connection," says Havok about the track. "The song’s themes of deification and deference, self-loathing and vanity, captivation and release, damage and healing, are posed in a subtle invitation to those inherently compelled to accept.”

“Thanks to the unexpected continuation of 'The Blood Tour,' we found ourselves inspired to begin writing,” the singer continued. “It was during this process that The Missing Man was found.”

The Missing Man drops on Dec. 7. Listen to "Get Dark" above.

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