The video you're about to see is 100-percent real. In this Best of YouTube clip, New Zealand technical death metal band Blindfolded and Led to the Woods appear on 'The Erin Simpson Show.' Witnessing a death metal act on television is rare enough, but here's the kicker: the program is for kids.

'The Erin Simpson Show' ran on New Zealand television from 2009-2013, but this clip was uploaded onto YouTube in 2010, so we can confirm that booking Blindfolded and Led to the Woods didn't kill off the kids show. The program's jingle is painfully poppy, but the hilarity begins once the song transitions directly into a deathcore breakdown with unintelligible guttural vocals.

Blindfolded and Led to the Woods play a number of original tracks for the show and even get an interview with Erin Simpson. The host reveals that the band's practice space is right next to the TV studio, so 'The Erin Simpson Show' decided to invite the young blokes over for an appearance. One of the band's guitarists delivers an hilarious line during the interview portion, explaining that one band member couldn't make it because he "fell off a roof and has broken both his legs."

The metal band actually plays a number of original tracks during their appearance, while unsuspecting kids dance in the studio background, seeming both confused and terrified.

The show ends with its poppy jingle once again as the members of Blindfolded and Led to the Woods awkwardly dance in a priceless "the tables have turned" moment.

Check out the hilarity in the clip above!

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