Welcome home, Vivian. Legendary Def Leppard / Dio guitarist Vivian Campbell has finally come back home after undergoing a stem cell transplant to fight the shredder's ongoing cancer battle.

In June 2013, Vivian Campbell revealed that he was suffering from Hodgkin's Lymphoma, having already gone through two months of chemotherapy. After an additional four months of treatment, Campbell's cancer went into remission. Unfortunately, the cancer came back just a few months later.

Miraculously, Campbell announced he was in remission yet again in July 2014, but made sure not to get his hopes up too much. As an added precaution, Campbell went through a third round of chemo and planned to endure a stem cell transplant. In late September, the guitarist began to prepare himself for the transplant, with fans wishing him well throughout the entire process.

Last night (Nov. 11), Vivian Campbell announced that his stem cell transplant had been completed, allowing the guitarist to rest up at home:


So glad that's over. Time to recover/recuperate and grow some hair.

Thanks for all the love you've sent - much appreciated!

Normal service will be resumed shortly.

We'd like to wish Vivian Campbell the very best during this difficult and unsure time. We need you out there rocking, Vivian! So get well soon.

A new Def Leppard album is tentatively scheduled to be released in April or May of 2015.

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