Ever since a November 2008 car accident, Deftones bassist Chi Cheng has mostly been in a coma. In the meantime, the band has continued to write and tour with replacement bassist Sergio Vega. Last night, though, Deftones came closer to having Chi back than they've been in nearly four years, as the band invited Chi's son Gabe onstage to perform with them in San Francisco.

Deftones are currently on the road with Scars on Broadway, touring to promote their upcoming album 'Koi No Yokan,' which is set to be released on Nov. 13. The California-based act visited the state's capital Sacramento last night (Oct. 10) and performed 'Root' with Gabe Cheng manning the bass.

Gabe handled himself like a pro while playing 'Root,' which has a distinct bass line throughout the song, continuing at times even when the guitar, drums and vocals drop out. Fans showed an incredible amount of love for Gabe as he headbanged his way through 'Root,' showcasing the inherent talent from his father.

After many years in the hospital, Chi is currently recuperating at home in a minimally conscious state, although he has been repeatedly fighting off both pneumonia and urinary tract infections. If you'd like to donate to Chi Cheng's recovery fund, or simply stay in touch with all of Chi's developments, head over to oneloveforchi.com.

Deftones Perform 'Root' with Gabe Cheng

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