Life as a touring musician comes with its aches and pains and in Derek Smalls' latest video, it's time for him to pay his dues at Imaging From Hell, LLC. The Spinal Tap bassist is teaming up with Loudwire to bring you the exclusive premiere of his new video for "MRI," as seen in the player above.

The bassist details the horrors of the process in song, at one point singing, "They stuff me into the cylindrical can / I feel like a mummy getting a tan / Is it getting louder or just the same? / The tempo's changing with no drummer to blame." The clip, directed by Smalls, also features backing vocalist CJ Vanston as one of the lab techs, while a mini-Dweezil Zappa emerges from the tube for a blistering mid-song guitar solo.

Along with Vanston and Zappa, Smalls is joined on the song by drummer Gregg Bissonette. The track appears on his debut solo disc, Smalls Change (Meditations Upon Ageing). For Smalls, he wasn't concerned about doing his first solo album while in his 70s. Speaking about the decision to step into the spotlight, he told our own Loudwire Nights host Toni Gonzalez, "It’s all about learning, innit? And what I learn is that standing back there where the bass player stands, you’re lit, but sort of a medium light. And up at the center mic, where I never was before, it’s a big light. It’s a much brighter light. And you, Toni, know your physics. Light equals heat. So you’re up there, and you’re warmer. One thing that does happen to you when you get older is you get more sensitive to cold. So years ago, I would’ve gone solo just for the warmth."

In addition to Vanston, Zappa and Bissonette, Smalls welcomes an impressive guest lineup that includes Chad Smith, Taylor Hawkins, Donald Fagen, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, David Crosby, Steve Lukather, Jim Keltner, Paul Schaffer, Jeff "Skunk" Baxter, Rick Wakeman, Phil X and many more. The Smalls Change album is out now and available to purchase or stream via the platform of your choosing here.

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