Despite the fact that they've chosen music as a career, not all musicians are totally comfortable in the public spotlight. And that's the case for current Devil You Know / ex-Killswitch Engage frontman Howard Jones, who recently revealed a rather scary incident that took place because of his inability to handle the attention.

Speaking with Jamey Jasta on The Jasta Show, Jones stated that he's dealt with depression since childhood and that the fame became more of a burden to him over time.

He recalls, “I remember being a teenager, walking down the street, and there would be people walking towards me and I’d cross the street just to avoid them. As a teenager I did that -- so you can imagine how it became once there’s people yelling my name and everything.”

At one point, Jones attempted to commit suicide due to his inability to cope. “Just alone, your mind goes crazy," says the singer. "I remember still living at my old apartment. Someone knew what I was doing and called the police because I almost blew my head off. I pulled out my .44. I loaded it. I was done. If they hadn’t knocked on the door I was gone. The cops broke down my door and stopped me. Needless to say, I ended up spending a little time in one of the fabled mental institutions.”

Jones says that his issues came to the forefront during his time with Killswitch Engage, revealing that there was one period where the band was intending to meet up every day at the same time over a two-week period and he just never showed. Eventually a confrontation came when it was decided that Jones should step down as he was no longer enjoying it.

After some time away and figuring out how to better manage his anxiety and diabetes issues, Jones resumed his career in music and he now fronts Devil You Know. The band is working with producer Josh Wilbur toward a new album, expected later this year.

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