Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Deep Purple recently announced plans to release a new album called Infinite, but some sharp-eyed fans were quick to notice a few similarities in not only the look but the title of some of Devin Townsend's previous work. But before there's any more eyebrows raised, Townsend has checked in online to let his fans know that he's okay with the similarities.

The similarity likely would not have ruffled too many feathers had it just been the album title. The fact that Deep Purple's album is titled Infinite and Townsend has an album titled Infinity likely wouldn't have raised too many eyebrows, but a very distinct logo on Deep Purple's album art then led Townsend fans to think it wasn't a coincidence.

The cover features a snow plow creating a path over a white covered terrain breaking from a straight line to do a couple of loops resembling a letter "D" and a letter "P." But on Townsend's 2014 album Z2, it's broken up into two parts with the Sky Blue album featuring an almost identical straight line/loop logo for "DTP," the Devin Townsend Project.

In a tweet, Townsend shares his approval, stating, "Re - Deep Purple logo: not a big deal to me. Not sure it should be ... plus it's Steve Morse and he can do whatever he wants :)" See the tweet below and look at the similar album art at the bottom of this post.

So, fans can look for Deep Purple's Infinite arriving April 7 via earMUSIC with no fear of any challenges from Townsend. And speaking of Townsend, ol' Hevy Devy is currently promoting his Transcendence album, and he has dates in Europe and Australia to kick off his 2017 touring. Dates can be found here.

Deep Purple, Infinite Album Cover


Devin Townsend Project, Sky Blue Album Art

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