Devin Townsend will hit the road in 2020 to tour his enigmatic new album, Empath. Filling up his touring band, Devy has recruited musicians from Megadeth, Bad Wolves, the Faceless, Dethklok, Haken and more for gigs in Europe and North America.

Devin’s ‘Volume One’ lineup will feature vocalist/guitarist Che Aimee Dorval (Casualties of Cool), guitarist Mike Keneally (Dethklok), guitarist Markus Reuter (Stick Men, Stick Men), drummer Morgan Agren (Kaipa), keyboardist Diego Tejeida (Haken) and bassist Nathan Navarro. These gigs will take place in Europe in late 2019, beginning Nov. 15 in Paris.

‘Volume Two’ will hit North American in early 2020, kicking off Feb. 27 in Toronto. Guitarist Wes Hauch (The Faceless / Black Crown Initiate), bassist Kyle Konkiel (Bad Wolves) and drummer Dirk Verbeuren (Megadeth / Soilwork) will join Devin onstage for those gigs, which will find the band rediscovering some of Townsend’s heavier material from his career.

“Just finishing the next Eras box set and the Empath ultimate edition before leaving on this first crazy tour... this year will be exceptionally colourful in terms of live shows in my world,” Devin tweeted. “Tons of different things. Looking forward to recording the next album in 2021. Love this.”

He continues, “Volume 2 will be a rotating cast of players. Volume 3 will be in the fall, and decidedly un-metal :) Ultimately, the Empath touring cycle is meant to mirror the content of the album. The process of creating the album was almost entirely about self acceptance.”

Opening on the ‘Volume One’ tour will be Haken, who will also open for Townsend on ‘Volume Two’ alongside the Contortionist. Check out the full list of dates here.

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