Fear Factory were born from the industrial metal movement around the late '80s and early '90s. Simultaneously, the electronic-based industrial scene was thriving with acts like Die Krupps and Leæther Strip. Now, the principle members in all three groups have united under DieKlute, teaming with Loudwire to premiere the music video for "It's All in Vain" starring legendary actor William Shatner.

The band, which is comprised of Fear Factory's Dino Cazares, Die Krupps' Jürgen Engler and Leæther Strip's Claus Larsen, lean further into the electronic territory than headbangers may be accustomed to, but aggression is the commonality that links the two sides and it isn't like pounding, rigid rhythms aren't already the DNA of Fear Factory's music.

Watch the video for "Its All in Vain" below.

"I’m honored to collaborate with two Industrial giants Claus Larson and Jürgen Engler," said Dino Cazares. "I’m really looking forward to unleashing this futuristic industrial metal onslaught to the world, Get ready for Planet Fear. In order to create you must first destroy all boundaries."

"It has been a pleasure dealing with Claus and Dino. Claus I have known for a long time and we have worked together, as remixers and in live situations. We are old buddies, so it was an easy accomplishment. Dino I have met on several occasions when Die Krupps and Fear Factory have played together in the past, last time at Cold Waves Festival in Chicago 2014," recalled Jürgen Engler.

"We had never discussed working together," he continued, adding, "but as the result of our fruitious collaboration proves that it was just meant to be. Our personal styles seamlessly fit together, no compromises were necessary. I'm proud and happy with the outcome, and cannot wait to get feedback from the many fans we have around the globe! DieKlute is here to stay, you better believe it!!!"

Claus Larsen added, "Creating this band from scratch and composing our debut album has been a very creative and a big learning experience for me. I do most of my music on my own here at Strip Farm Studio, so having these two legends as production partners has been amazing and very different from what I’ve been used to. I hope we will be able to take this album to stages around the world. We each bring our own thing to the songs and I really feel that we’ve created something very special here."

Pre-order the CD version of Planet Fear here and for vinyl, head to this location. If you prefer a digital copy, get yours at iTunes.

DieKlute, Planet Fear Artwork  + Track Listing

Cleopatra Records

1. If I Die
2. Out Of Control
3. The Hangman
4. Rich Kid Loser
5. For Nothing
6. Human Error
7. It’s All In Vain
8. Born For A Cause
9. Infectious
10. Push The Limit
11. She Watch Channel Zero?! (Public Enemy cover)

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