After eight grueling years, Dimmu Borgir have finally resurfaced with a new album. While we still await the release of Eonian, the Norwegians are clueing fans in to what they can expect and this new single, "Council of Wolves and Snakes," just blew those expectations wide open with a highly experimental offering.

For those looking for Dimmu Borgir to lay down their typical black metal rife with orchestral bombast, you've been warned. The band utilizes plenty of empty space on this new song with crawling paces and eerie, nightmarish soundscapes along with tribal percussion, chants and choirs, and yes, some black metal eventually works its way into the mid-section of "Council of Wolves and Snakes" amidst serpentine melodies and cold riffing.

"It's a song that sticks out from the rest of the album — it's Dimmu Borgir going into an experimental direction, but you can also find a lot of black metal inspiration in the middle section of the song," says vocalist Shagrath. "We are a band that has never been afraid of trying out new directions and artistically this is surely a very interesting and different track."

“We're definitely a band that does not follow any set of 'rules', if any; we're out to break them for sure. Not that it's a goal per se, it's just who we are," comments guitarist Silenoz. “The album feels like a rebirth, but also like a logical continuation. Our music comes naturally. We’re not sitting down in a circle, thinking about what we could do next – it has to come with a flow and with whatever is in your mind at that time, it needs to be spontaneous and is exactly what we could do at that time. Each one of our releases was linked to a certain time period of our life," Shagrath added.

Eonian will be out on May 4 through Nuclear Blast and pre-orders for the album can be placed here.

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